Saliva DNA Sampling Kit

We provide an all-in-one system in the form of one user-friendly kit. The device ensures an easy-to-use saliva sampling process as well as stabilization and transportation of the product. It can be stored at room temperature and saliva DNA integrity is guaranteed.

Saliva DNA Sampling Kit


  • Easy to use
  • Preservation solution is pre-installed in the collection tube
  • Non-invasive and safe
  • High stability at room temperature is ensured

Saliva DNA Sampling Kit


  • Collect saliva
  • Take off the funnel
  • Close the cap tightly
  • Gently invert the container

Product Specification

Sample Amount 0.5ml
Storage Condition 15~30℃
Kit Storage Period 5 years
Storage Period After Collection 1 year

Stability Test Results

Preserved saliva DNA concentration according to different periods

The data showed high stability for one year based on the findings of data collected over a period of 0 month / 1 month / 2 months / 3 months / 6 months / 9 months / 12 months.

Stability Test Results

Extracted DNA Integrity

Extracted DNA yield and purity

We validated the extracted DNA yield and purity with 841 saliva samples. Elution volume is 180 ul. As a result, the lowest yield showed 6.26μg and the highest yield 264.47μg.

No. DNA concentration
DNA purity
DNA purity
DNA yield per 1ml
1 68.6 1.76 2.2 49.39
2 100.1 1.77 1.66 72.07
3 8.7 1.95 2.41 6.26
840 367.6 1.85 2.53 264.67
841 33.6 1.81 2.25 24.19
Ave. 32.06 / / 23.08


Catalog Number MD-ZS-001
Service Name Saliva sampling kit (50 kits)
TAT 3 weeks
Price (Tax Excluded) ¥89,000
Catalog Number MD-ZS-002
Service Name Saliva sampling kit (100 kits)
TAT 3 weeks
Price (Tax Excluded) ¥159,000

*We will give volume discount if an order over 500 kits. Please contact our sales representative for the details.

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