BRCA1/2 Test

It is said that one out of eleven Japanese women is diagnosed with breast cancer. The number of breast cancer patients has been increasing year by year. Therefore, early detection and prevention is important. We offer non-invasive BRCA1/2 tests using a simple saliva sample. We test domestically, ensuring a fast and precise analysis.

BRCA1/2 Test


  • It is an invasive test, using a saliva sample
  • A one-stop analysis enables us to provide testing at a low cost
  • We ensure a fast and precise analysis through testing domestically

Example Report

Please see following PDF file for the example report.

PDF Download

Service Flow

  • Inquiry

    Please fill in the following quotation request form on our website.
  • Quotation

    You will receive a quotation based on the information provided in your request. The purchase order will be sent to you after we have confirmed your agreement on the quotation.
  • Placing an Order and Saliva Sampling

    A saliva sampling kit will be shipped directly to your office. Please collect the saliva sample according to the manual. The minimum sample quantity is 5.
  • Sending the Sample

    Please send the saliva sample using the business-reply envelope provided. We will send the receipt after receiving your samples.
  • DNA Extraction and Analysis

    DNA is extracted and processed using next generation sequencing.
  • Reporting

    The report will be sent via e-mail.
  • *Please note that this test is intended for research purposes only. Results shall not be utilized with the intent on making a diagnosis nor supporting one.
  • *This test is designed to detect genetic disorders. Therefore, a genetic counseling is mandatory before taking this test.Please note that special occasions may require appropriate care, after taking the test.

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