Quantitative Test of Periodontopathic Bacterias

We have quantitative test of periodontopathic bacteria. The test result is effective in planning treatment plans for dentists or Internal Medicine specialists who wish to identify the level of oral inflammation caused by various bacteria. We perform real-time PCR to quantify 16SrRNA gene.

Quantitative Test of Periodontopathic Bacteria


  • Precise and accurate detection of periodontopathic bacteria
  • Quick reports return by eliminating the step of cultivation

A Variety of Specimen Collection Method

We have multi specimen collection kits for the variety of needs.

Specimen Characteristics
Mouthwash Collect mouthwash sample
Mouthwash is suitable for patients who is lack of salivary secretion
This specimen reflects the intraoral state
Saliva Collect saliva sample by chewing gum
This specimen reflects the intraoral state
Paper Point Absorb gingival crevicular fluid by using a paper point
This specimen is suitable for measuring the bacterial count of affected part
  • *It is recommended to choose mouthwash or saliva if you prefer to test the intraoral state.
  • *It is recommended to choose paper point if you prefer to measure the bacterial count of affected part.
  • *A gum is not included in the saliva sampling kit.
  • *Paper point is not included in the paper point sampling kit.

About the Periodontal Disease

Bacterial infection leads to periodontal disease. We perform quantitative test for following five bacteria which are known as the major pathogenic bacteria.

Porphyromonas gingivalis (Pg)

Collagen degradation observed in chronic periodontal disease results in part from the collagenase enzymes of this species.

Tannerella forsythia (Tf)

Tannerella forsythia produces tryptic enzyme.

Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans (Aa)

Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans produces leukotoxin which is protein toxin attacks white blood cells.

Treponema denticola (Td)

Treponema dentcola produces dentilisin which is a major extracellular protease.

Prevotella intermedia (Pi)

Prevotella intermedia has been associated with hormone-induced pregnancy gingivitis.

Example Report

Please see following PDF file for the example report.

PDF Download

Service Flow

  • Inquiry

    Please fill in the following quotation request form on our website.
  • Quotation

    You will receive a quotation based on the information provided in your request. The purchase order* will be sent to you after we have confirmed your agreement on the quotation.
  • Placing an order and Sample Collection

    A sampling kit will be shipped directly to your office. Please collect the sample according to the manual.
  • Sending the Sample

    Please send the sample using the business-reply envelope provided. We will send the receipt after receiving your samples.
  • DNA Extraction and Analysis

    DNA is extracted and processed using qPCR instrument (LightCycler 480).
  • Reporting

    The Report will be sent via e-mail.

*The invoices occur two times. The timing is after shipping the kit and after reporting.

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