DNA Banking

Our DNA Banking Services offer storage services for 5, 10 and 15 years and can be extended based on need. On-site guards and security measures provide maximum security 24hours/ 365 days a year.

DNA Banking


  • Excellent preservation

    We collect DNA sample from swabbing your inner cheek then placed on the special banking card to preserve your DNA for years.

  • Safety domestic preservation system

    Your DNA sample is stored in our domestic preservation system.

  • Ability to choose your DNA Banking period

    You can choose 5, 10, and 15 years for storage term, depending on your lifestyle.

Service Flow

  • Inquiry

    Please fill in the following quotation request form on our website.
  • Quotation

    You will receive a quotation based on the information provided in your request. The purchase order will be sent to you after we have confirmed your agreement on the quotation.
  • Placing an Order and Sampling

    A DNA Banking sampling kit will be shipped directly. Please collect the sample according to the manual.
  • Sending the Sample

    Please send the sample using the business-reply envelope provided. We will send the receipt after receiving your sample.
  • Preserving

    Storage your DNA sample safety in our domestic preservation facility.
  • *The storage service will be terminated by either the termination of preservation term or the return request of your DNA sample.
  • *We will discard the DNA sample after the termination of preservation term.
  • *Please submit the return request of your DNA sample with our form.

Quotation Request Form

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